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A movie podcast by two guys who used to date and now they don't!

"Ex" Rated... Cause we used to date and now we don't... get it?

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Episode 9 Mother

This week we watched Bong Joon-ho's fantastic, twisty-plotted thriller, Mother (2009)... or did we??? Find out along with Matt's idea for a Susan Boyle reality show, Ryan's impression of Susan Boyle on said reality show, and other things not related to Susan Boyle at all. It's a hard-Boyled episode of Ex Rated!

Episode 8 The Return of the Living Dead

This week, we use our BRAINS to dissect Dan O’Bannon’s 1985 zombie horror comedy, The Return of the Living Dead. Also included: Ryan’s ambivalence towards Richard Linklater, Matt’s exuberance towards exposure, and a brief discussion regarding Michael Fassbender’s carpet. It’s a Poddy Award nominated episode of Ex Rated!

Episode 6 Exorcist III

It's a miracle! William Peter Blatty's Exorcist III from 1990 is almost as good as the first one! But is it a horror or a thriller? Join us for an episode of wild speculation regarding westerns, gushing adoration of Brad Dourif, and a music bed of actual Raymond Scott music!

"Lady Gaylord" by Raymond Scott from Manhattan Research Inc.
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