Ex Rated Movies

A movie podcast by two guys who used to date and now they don't!

"Ex" Rated... Cause we used to date and now we don't... get it?

Matt with Lucy.jpg

Matt Fisher


This is a bunch of garbage that I'm writing as a place holder until Matt sends me a bio. Matt likes long walks on the beach and people with half a brain who aren't into yoga. He is responsible for making me watch Twixt and for the majority of the um's on the podcast. That's his dog Lucy over there.  Sometimes you can hear her chewing a bully stick or walking on the kitchen tile.

ryan on a beach.jpg

Ryan weadon

Ryan is an intrepid fellow who thinks he might be getting too old for this shit. Oh, this is also just placeholder bullshit until I can come up with a real bio. I'm responsible for making Matt watch Tipping the Velvet and for all the in-a-way's on the podcast. When he's not podcasting he's looking the wrong way over the ocean.